µTorrent WebUI 0.310 Beta 2 for Windows 10


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µTorrent WebUI is a very easy to use add-on for the µTorrent torrent client that will allow you to remotely configure and control µTorrent from any computer using just a web browser. Installation: The WebUI.zip needs to placed in the same folder as µTorrent´s SETTINGS.DAT file and DO NOT unzip it. If you have not moved the settings files then they will be found at %AppData%uTorrent (type this in Start -> Run, or the address bar) You can do whatever u like with this readme (please read it first though) and the sorttable folder. Important: Please make sure you are using the latest build of µTorrent (currently 1.6.1. build 490) that comes with this webui download, and not the µTorrent build that comes with the installer package. HOW TO USE THE WEBUI: Enable and configure the WebUI in µTorrent (Preferences -> Advanced -> WebUI) Open up a supported browser and use the following URL format http://YourIP:UTport/gui/ If the browser supports Username:Password (and you have got the WebUI working with the first URL) then use the following URL format http://Username:Password@YourIP:UTport/gui/ N.B: When using the WebUI locally use localhost or as using your external (WAN) IP may cause problems. Notes: Some browsers will have reduced functionality, for best results use FireFox, Opera 9, or IE 7. [Opera] Some keyboard shortcuts will have conflicts [Opera] To disable Opera´s context menu please have a look here Known issues: Opera might display the tables (torrents and files) incorrectly. Trackers cannot be changed at the present time. Not all information is known in the general tab yet. Choosing save location for torrents is currently not possible.